WSPR Beacon


The WSPR Beacon App is made to send WSPR signals using your Android smartphone/tablet as a signal source. All you have to do is use the audio out of it and pair it with the audio in of your rig (and set it to VOX).

All you ha to do is:

  1. Set your CALLSIGN
  2. Set your LOCATOR or press the GPS button and have the app automatically calculate it based on your position. Please allow a few seconds for the GPS to get exact coordinates.
  3. Set the POWER LEVEL so that it matches your rig output power
  4. Select the BAND (optional). This is only to have handy the frequency value to set on the rig.
  5. Set the TX FRAMING. This allows you to set how ofter the WSPR will be sent. By default the WSPR is sent only once.
  6. Select the BASE FREQUENCY. It can go from 1400Hz to 1600Hz and by default it is 1500Hz
  7. Press START

The app will wait for the next frame start before sending.

So you only have to make sure that the clock of your smartphone/tablet is synced.

By pressing the MAP and/or DATABASE buttons, the app will open the related pages so that you can monitor receptions reports.

Here are a set of screenshots of the app working.

You can get the app here:


About Andrea IU4APC

Andrea IU4APC - Software developer and Ham Radio operator.


  1. df7ii

    dr andrea tnx fer vy nice app – hpe u add soon receiving modus – 73 de df7ii


  2. How can I enter my callsign once only – at the moment, every time I open up this App, I must enter my callsign – would be nice if the App would ‘remember’ the callsign … 73, Dick ZS6RO.


    • Hi Dick,
      the latest version of the app should already save the info.
      Are you using the latest version? Try uninstalling and reinstalling it.
      If it doesn’t work, can you please tell me, which version of Android are you running and on which Android device.
      Andrea IU4APC


  3. Andrea, the App version is 3db – the mobile unit is a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, running KitKat 4.4.2 …
    I’m assuming the App is the latest version as I just got it off the Play store ………..

    I’ll wait for your reply before I try a re-install ..

    73, Dick ZS6RO.


    • yes it’s the latest version and the Android version is also the latest. Evidently the Samsung galaxy Note 4 doesn’t allow saving in reserver memory.
      Thanks for all the info.
      In the next version I’ll add a check for that and add info saving to another position in those cases.
      Thanks again.
      72/73 Andrea IU4APC


  4. By the way, I forgot – my mobile is rooted – so any changes even to the SD card would take place …

    I’ll do a re-install and see if there are any differences .. Other Apps allow me to save data and login details with no problem ..

    73, Dick ZS6RO.


  5. I did a re-install your App – no difference – still can’t save login data … Did note that I got an email from Google Play informing me that they would refund my payment – (nice of them) .. Of course I had to go through purchasing again (*Grin) …

    Another thing I noticed .. When I started a transmission all I heard was a continuous tone, there didn’t appear to be ayn ‘data’ tones throughout the transmission … (I run a BBS (ZS0MEE on VHF/HF for many years) …

    73, Dick ZS6RO.


  6. I can’t use the App with no data going out – but if I cancel the order how will I know when you have created the next version ???

    73, Dick ZS6RO.


  7. ok thanks again for the info.
    Try reinstalling but I don’t think it’ll solve.
    You’re the second person reporting that so there’s a problem I need to fix.
    I hope to be able to release an updated version soon.
    72/73, Andrea IU4APC


  8. OK Andrea, thanks for the other information … I’ll keep the App installed and wait for you to get the next version out – I assume that having the App installed, it will inform me when a new version is released ?? ..

    I must admit I have never really listened to any WSPR !!! – I will download the PDF file you mentioned .. There is quite an interest lately in WSPR and thought I would try my luck and see what its all about – I’ve always been involved with ‘data over radio’ …

    I’m holding my breath while you get the next version out – don’t take too long – I may not last – HI ………………….

    73, Dick ZS6RO


    • It shouldn’t take long but can’t tell you when.

      But you can use it even if you have to enter the callsign every time you open it. It’s just 5 chars HI

      WSPR Is a very interesting way to test equipment and propagation and understand the real potential of low power transmissions. With a very few watts you can work the world.

      If you like results with WSPR you’ll love doing QSOs in JT65/9. It’s a quite particular way to do QSOs but definitely worth giving it a try. Needs some study as well but after the first QSOs everything gets familiar and easy.


      72/73 Andrea IU4APC


  9. Understand that it being Christmas etc. and App writing could take a back seat for a short while …….

    I’ve played with most data modes over the years Andrea and most of my Ham Radio career I’ve been involved with data modes … In my work career I was (been retired >10 years) involved with telecommunication engineering, mainly in the radio field and also involved with data over radio …

    looking forward to hearing from you again (next version App) …

    73, Dick ZS6RO


  10. df7ii

    Dear Dick,

    I am also waiting for the new version,

    If I enter my callsign and my locator the app works fine for me. For example, I was heard on 20 meters from zl3dmh by using only 500mW and a magnetic loop!

    73 de df7ii


  11. Thanks both.
    The update shouldn’t take long and I think I’ll be able to release it later this week. So you’ll have it for Christmas πŸ™‚
    72/73, Andrea IU4APC


  12. DF7II, its an amazing mode … I can enter my Callsign – I can either nter my Maidenhead co-ordinates or use the GPS to automatically enter them … Basically the App appears to be working fine – just won’t save and ‘remember’ the login details ….

    73, Dick ZS6RO


  13. Andrea, you are a star — really appreciate your dedication …

    By the way, I was chatting to a local Ham who lives about 300 km away and he says he cn’t save his data either … I don’t know what his specs are with regard to mobile or OS …

    73, Dick ZS6RO


  14. df7ii

    Dear Andrea,

    tnx fer solving the problem. No the app is able to save my personal data.

    Pls add rx mode!

    73 juergen df7ii


  15. Richard

    Hi, any recommendation how i could connect your app to my icom746pro?
    73 SO5GB


  16. Hi, any recommendations how to connect your app to an icom746pro?


    • Hi Richard,
      you only need to connect the phone/tablet to the audio in of the radio. I don’t know if the Icom746 has an audio in jack, probably not. In this case you need to build a little interface exposing the audio in as a female 3.5 jack so that you can then easily connect the audio out of the phone/tablet to it.
      Let me know if this helps πŸ˜‰
      72/73 Andrea IU4APC


  17. Chuck

    I would like to utilize this app while mobile. Will the app update my position without having to repeatedly press the GPS button? Thanks, Chuck


  18. Dallas

    Love the app. One question… am I missing something or does the app not report stations it heard to WSPRNet?


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